Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here Kitty! Here Fishy!

     Just to let you know, I am old. I just had my birthday November 15th. It was a good birthday I guess. I'm just happy I got an Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream cake. Nom Nom Nom. :)
     Now to actually get to the point. Recently, all our fish died. We originally started out with six goldfish named Spot, Bubbles, Mark, Generic Fish #1, Amy, and Thor. They were good fish and expected them to only last about a month or to saying we got them from a fair at a game. We took them home, fed them, and gave them a nice tank and they ended up lasting for 3 years. I was so proud of them. Later they got all fat and happy as we fed them everyday and I just got used to have six fish. But of course, My favorite fish, Bubbles, died. We had a small viking funeral in a creek in the back yard and I was so sad. Well time past and soon other fish died. The fish was Spot and Mark. 
     Now, just a few months ago in July or August, we got a new gold fish that was a bright orange compared to the other three. We named him Token and all was fine. But then, In October, a bacteria or something came and killed Amy, Generic Fish #1, and Thor. What was extremely sad about it although, was the fact that they all died within two weeks. Only Token was left, so we took action immediately. We changed out the water and cleaned of the rocks and fake plant-life. When we put Token back in, he didn't die, which was at least a good thing. So now all the original fish are gone and Token is the only one left.
     Did you think that was a sad story? I do. But I have another one that just happened less than an hour ago.
     One day, we found a small cat that we thought was possibly our inside cat's (Gracie) sister. It was a Tuxedo cat, like our first one, and was very skinny. For about a year we fed the cat but kept it out side so it could roam. But, I think it adopted us because the cat just stuck around. Finally, we took the cat, we called her Sammy, to the vet she got shots and tests and they told us that Sammy had Feline leukemia and probably only had a year or three to live. They asked us if we wanted to put her asleep and we replied with a no, thinking the cat is fine now, why should we put her asleep and we should at least let her live the rest of her life.   
      Years later, about five, we kept her and fed her and called her Drat (the mix of a dragon and a cat). But of course, the illness caught up with her and recently, she became even skinnier than she already was, could barely stand, and didn't really ever eat. We were worried for her especially since we were going to Florida for Thanksgiving with other family. So we told my friend and neighbor to feed the cat the special food we got for her and add some medicine to it everyday while we were gone.
      When we came back the food was left untouched and the cat was missing. We were worried about her. She was gone for about four days, until finally, she came back. We were so happy! It was actually just this morning. Today is Wednesday, so me and my aunt go to church. When we came back, I set to work on my algebra homework when my aunt went out to her car to get her purse. While she was out, she saw that Sammy was twitching on the ground.
      A few minutes later we were out the door with Sammy in a cat carrier. We took her to the vet and the veterinarian said that they had seen cases like this a thousand time and normally there was nothing they could do about it. She they took her and put her to sleep. I was crying for about 30 minutes until I finally decided I needed to finish my homework. 
      SO, with sad thoughts in mind, I decided to write a blog about dying pets. So to all, good night.
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