Friday, June 10, 2011

Talent Show Disaster

     I'm back! I think I really like blogging because I've posted everyday since I started posting. Well, I don't really know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because I might run out of things to tell you pretty soon.
     Well for my next story, I will tell you of a crazy time in my history when I was embarrassed and wild. Okay, I might be exaggerating on the wild part but my hair was!
     This was a time when I dyed my hair a burgundy maroon color. I happened to like it, but the talent show was coming up, and people kept saying to my parents that they shouldn't have dumped chemicals in my hair. So, they decided I should dye it back to my original color.
     My original color was a very dark blonde and was very close to brown. So we had to dye my hair two times and one time we used hair dye remover.
      We had just used that hair dye remover and it made my hair a bright orange. I hated it. I just wanted my maroonish hair or my normal hair, and nothing in between. So yes, my orange hair made me look like a clown.
     It doesn't help that the time we un-dyed my hair two nights before the talent show.
     Okay, to describe what the talent show was for me and what people did, I'm going to tell you all about it.
     This was when I was in fourth grade and I was doing a duet with my friend Mikayla and we were singing Complicated by Avril Lavine. To do the performance right, we were going to get her aunt, who is an artist, to do our make up and paint stars on our face and legs. When we were all done we looked very, ummm, star-ish.
     We had a white short sleeved shirt with a vest sowed on to it and on the shirt was a rose that was partially covered by the vest, that was black. We also had on capri pants that were black and not made of denim. We had knee socks and black normal socks on each foot. ( Like I had one knee sock and one black sock and she the same) and the knee sock was pink. We also had black boots on and a black hat on too. On our right cheeks and right mid-calves/shins were pink sparkly stars with a black out line. We looked pretty cool actually.
     The only mess up on me was my clown orange hair. Because of it, it pretty much ruined my look.
     So here comes the horribleness. We walked on stage and everyone cheered and was all happy and stuff. My parents took out their really nice camera and started shooting a video. So we performed and I thought we were awesome, and so did every one else. So we got off stage and sat down at our assigned spots and watched the rest of the show and we all had fun.
     But then we went to go see our parents at the end of the program and they told me that for some reason, they could not hear me singing and they thought my mic was turned off or something. I was very unhappy when I watched the video they took of me and my friend. She was fine and you could hear her. She also didn't look like clown because her hair was normal.
     Me, on the other hand looked and sounded like a mute clown. It was embarrassing, upsetting, and not really fair because the next group that came on used that mic and it worked for them. I did not go home happy that night.
     But now, I still am glad me and her got to sing that duet together because she knew perfectly well I was singing and nobody could hear me because I was mouthing anything or wasn't singing, and people still knew I was singing so at least the night didn't go all bad.
     So over all, even though I was the equivalence of a mute clown, I was still happy. I guess.

The End

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dedication; For a Movie

     Hello again.
     It all started when my mom got the movie Pans Labyrinth. It was for her birthday (which is on the 4th O' July) from my aunt who lived with us. For about one or two years, we just put it on the shelf, and went on with our life until one day, my cousins came over. ( All three)
     Everybody was very bored and wanted to pull out a movie. My aunt went to go have a look and she pulled out about three movies.
     "Lets pick out of these three movies." said my aunt. Well, everybody narrowed it down to Pans Labyrinth and we put it in the X-box 360.
     I watched the movie until I realized it was really boring, and so did all my other cousins. So we went up stairs to play a video game on our other TV.
     My and my cousins wanted to take a break so we went downstairs to go see what was happening with the others, (my two aunts, my mom, and my baby sister)
     My mom and one of my aunts were talking about a movie called Labyrinth, a movie from the 1970's, and they wanted to go to Wal-mart to find it.
     Now remember that it is 2:00 A.M. in the morning, and everyone is already wearing their pajamas. My and my cousin decide we want to go with them except, she wants to put on normal clothes. I decide I need to change too, but in a different way.
     So I go upstairs to my bed room and I go in my closet and pick my fluffiest pajamas decorated with reindeer, and put on my pink fuzzy monster claw slippers. My aunt, which also happens to be crazy like me, does pretty much the same thing except with killer bunny slippers from Montey Python And The Holy Grail. (If you don't know what it is, find out. It's a movie.)
     Well we drove out to Wal-mart with me, my mom, the crazy aunt, and my cousin and when we pulled up to the parking lot, we were happy to find we could park in the first non-handicapped spot.
     When we went in my went strait to the five dollar movie bin and began looking. We went through there and found nothing. The fun part about that though is that we made 3ft. tall piles of movies, all around the bin, we had taken out every last one. Then we went hunting through the aisles of the electronics section and found nothing except a movie collector guy and his little sister. We talked to him and he told us he had the movie but he bought it from blockbuster (When those were open everywhere) and he'd never seen it at Wal-mart.
     So we went home defeated, only to find, my other aunt had been on the computer and got the movie on the internet. Woohoo! But me and my cousin were tired so we went to bed while everybody else watched it. We were fine missing it and when we woke up, we got confirmation that it was a good movie. 

The End

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the beginning.......

     Okay. Wow. I'm blogging, that's new. Would you like to know about your new online blogger? Yes?(I think I heard you through the speakers) Well first, you will find that whatever I post, will be crazy and scary. (in a good way) I hope that's okay with you. If not, well, I guess that's your problem.
     I happen to live in a castle. A very big one with stained glass windows and stone floors with a purple silk canopy bed with two memory foam mattresses (8in. thick ) and with a goose-down feathered blanket and pillow, which I sleep on...... Okay, you caught me. I don't. I do have a memory foam mattress though! Only 2.5 inches think of course, but who cares about the details? But I happen to live in a very normal white house, sadly, and don't have most of those luxuries as I said, but I still like it.
     I love to listen to music, the RIGHT music though. I listen to Christian, Celtic, Renaissance, Classic, and, well, It's kind of hard to explain but people like All American Rejects, Evanescence, The Saw Doctors, Blackmore's Night, Aqua, and many other random people and songs. One song you may never think you have or will ever hear is a song about getting post cards from a chimpanzee, or a song saying it's the end of the world as we know it, or even songs about whistling in the dark. I speak from experience here so don't go and doubt me. Ask my dad and he can tell you about the whistling in the dark.
    My hobbies are writing, drawing, definitely reading, working on the computer, 3-D designing on the computer, and listening to music while staring out a window. (Don't I sound weird?) An example of what I am working on at the moment, other than blogging, is writing a book for my best friend. It's called How to Open Doors For Dummies. This is because when she tried to open a door at Taco Bell, she bumped it into her foot; Repeatedly. I've also seen her push, and not pull at doors and that definitely made her look bad. So I decided I would create a book for her and give it to her the next time I see her and I'm done writing it. 
     Well, that's pretty much me. And I'm going to say what a lot of other people say when posting blogs, videos, or pics...... Please don't hate me. If you think my blog is stupid and a waste of time, don't read it and don't comment. Simply just take your mouse and slide it to either the upper right corner and press the little red 'X' or press the the green back button in the other corner. Your only other alternative is close the tab, but that might be the same as the big red 'X' button. If you DO choose to comment badly, I'll just delete it and, PRESTO! It's gone.....
     Thanks for reading! I can't promise when I'm going to post again, but I might even post again today, if time allows it. (It probably won't.
     Come again and enjoy! :)
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